About The Princess...
Well, I'm just a poet from Louisiana. I'm a gamer, a solider, and a BVB fan.
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gamers dont take hot showers

they take image-y ones


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Literally cannot sleep because of anxiety

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the struggle of wanting to message someone but knowing that the person will never message you back.

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Isn’t it strange? There are so many people out there who secretly love someone. And there are so many people out there who have no idea that someone secretly loves them.

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if u askin about my bra size u better be planning on takin ur ass down to Victoria’s Secret to buy me some nice bras

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I need to go to sleep, but I’m really entertained by Andy getting his penis shot off by a pregnant waitress

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petition to make young adult authors stop writing about girls whose lives change when they meet a boy

When she saw him time slowed to a stop.  He was so perfect and she knew her life would never be the same because she had finally found him.  The one.  The first boy she would ever kill.


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I go driving for my permit tomorrow and I’m hella scared

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It’s really no surprise that I feel like shit today. Why am I cursing so much? I am so sorry you all have to read this.

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this is amazing


this is amazing

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Don’t fuck with her heart, don’t fuck with her views, don’t fuck with her own self-confidence.

Just don’t even look at her.

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repeat after me: 

  • virginity is a social construct 
  • you don’t lose your virginity 
  • there’s nothing valuable or precious about virginity, it’s an imaginary concept 
  • virginity is inherently heterocentric 
  • your worth is not defined by whether or not you’ve had a dick inside you
  • what you define as sex is up to you, you get to decide how many people you’ve had sex with 
  • the end 
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